With setting up the worlds dodgiest home studio, I found if I wanted to do anything semi-worthwhile, It would need more than one flash.
However having sunk all my beer money this week into one decent flash (a Sigma EF-530); spending more money on another was always going to just put me in the doghouse.
The other thing is that the Sigma still relies on the pop-up flash as a trigger; and thats just messy.
So I went looking for some wireless triggers so I could use my nice new Sigma, and my rubbish old Nissin off camera. What ever i bought had to:
  1. Work reliably
  2. Not cost the earth
  3. Be in Australia (because I'm impatient, and what my new toys now, NOW, NOW!!!)

So off to Fleabay!!
All I could find, in Aus were; Yongnuo 603's (which dont work on Pentax), a couple of 602N's (which again, supposedly dont work on Pentax; and you wondered why I was thinking of changing brands?), and these CowboyStudio NPT-04's (which supposedly *DO* work on Pentax).
So Tuesday night I order a set of NPT-04's and they arrived on Friday.
Now I never assumed P-TTL was going to work across the wireless, because... well, P-TTL doesn't work with anything (Thank you Pentax for using a closed-source system)

Now; I've had experiences with the 602's - and I found them to ..... *mostly* work.... mostly. *Personally* I think its the use of that tiny little half-sized AAA battery (what ever its called) that simply doesnt give them enough grunt. But I'm not expert.
These CowboyStudio receivers on the other hand use a pair of AAA's each (The transmitter gets power from the hotshoe). And they simply *Just work*.
No Messing around, no waiting for the stars to align just right, whilst the wind is blowing in the right direction.

Overall: 10/10 (for the money)

If anyone is interested; I got mine here: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/150855471...84.m1497.l2649