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Thread: Last Chance to WIN AU$300 Cash Voucher & more.....

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    Last Chance to WIN AU$300 Cash Voucher & more.....

    Approximately Five hours left for having the chance to win the AU$300 voucher for your next camera equipment, a Neck Strap, a Bokehlicious T-shirt with DRTV's autograph, and many more!

    For details, please visit Win AU$300 Cash Voucher & MORE!

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    Also: See the DigitalRev very postive response (Feb 18th Update - scroll down)

    DigitalRev does the right thing. Other companies take note – this is what great customer service looks like.

    I have received a final response from DigitalRev, now that they have concluded their internal investigation into exactly what happened and whether it had happened to anyone else. As detailed in their response, I have been compensated. I have been given several choices, including a full refund, and have accepted a credit of £600 towards further purchases. At no point did I ask for compensation, but I think a refund of the difference between “new” and “used” price was appropriate and they have exceeded that. I want to make it clear that this was not a bribe to tell me to shut up, and I have not been asked by DigitalRev to take down this article, moderate it in any way, or say nice things about them. I don’t hold a grudge. I judge a company not by its mistakes, but by how they deal with them. In my opinion, they have responded in a decent manner which reassures me as a consumer.
    Good work DigitalRev !
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