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Thread: Oh, what do I buy?

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    Oh, what do I buy?

    I am looking at buying myself a new camera. I am not a professional so a D4 I think may be a bit of an extravagence. On the other hand it is my hobby so why not spend a bit of money and get something special. I love bird photography and almost all my work is outside. I currently use a very reliable D90 and an equally robust D50.

    I am considering buying an 800e.
    1. It seems like a good compromise
    2. It looks like a damn fine camera
    3. It looks like excellent value for money (even without hunting for a special)
    It is newish and I have no idea if it is as good as it sounds.

    A third option is a second D90 body.

    D4, 800e, second D90? The 800e is favourite at the moment. I would like to hear what others think. Specs and spin are not as reliable as hands on experience.

    So many models, so much information, so little money to blow on a bad choice.

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    First question, WHY? What is the new camera going to do for your photography?

    We have only seen one photo from you so far, and from the critiques of that, your current gear is providing you with great results. So what do you think a new camera is going to allow you that your current gear cannot?

    When you can answer that, such that we agree with you, then you are ready to upgrade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Villida View Post
    so a D4 I think may be a bit of an extravagence.
    It is only an extravagance if the wallet won't back it up.

    Seriously ---
    tell us more about the type of photography that you want to pursue other than birds.
    tell us more about what lenses you have.
    tell us why you aren't considering a D700, D7000 or even a D300s even though it might be replaced soon.
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