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Thread: Soluto : repair and speed-up your PC

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    Soluto : repair and speed-up your PC

    I got told about soluto this morning. Soluto is free to use on up to 5 pc's

    Soluto is a well designed cloud based application that reviews your PC and makes sure all your software is up-to-date, along with providing you valuable system information about the health of your computer. One of its advantages is that after going through the installation process and rebooting your computer, it analyses all the start-up applications and suggests what you can disable from your start-up. I first tried it on my laptop and it said it could speed up the boot process by 3 minutes and 12 seconds. So I just accepted all its suggestions and it certainly made a huge difference to boot times on my laptop. Not so much on my Desktop PC as that uses an SSD drive and doesn't have all the 'crap' on it, that my laptop does. I tend to keep my Desktop PC fairly 'clean' for its main use, of editing photos.

    Once installed, do a reboot and let it analyse your system. As your computer boots it shows you, on screen, exactly what is being setup to run on your system during the boot process. Then it suggests items that you may not need to run and gives you an easy screen with explanations of each item and lets you decide what you want to run at boot.

    You can also choose to remove it from boot, or delay it. So that the App etc still run, but after the system has booted and is functional for the user.

    After running Soluto myself, thought some here might find it helpful.
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