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Thread: Mining Days

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    Mining Days

    Some images that I took in the old Hamiltons diggings cemetery in Central Otago, New Zealand. Hamiltons was a flourishing centre in the late 19002.

    IMGP3458 - Copy by Stan W2009, on Flickr

    IMGP3457 - Copy by Stan W2009, on Flickr

    IMGP3455 - Copy by Stan W2009, on Flickr

    IMGP3454 - Copy by Stan W2009, on Flickr

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry; that should read "1800s".
    Alive and still clicking - apologies to PSQ.
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    It's like the almost unbelievable numbers of people that went to some places not far from me (Sofala, Hill End). If you don't stop to read about it, you'd never know.
    And some pine for the good old days!!
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