Hey all

I'm from SOR Perth (Canning Vale) and am still pretty new to this whole photography thing.

Mainly have only shot macro shots and the usual stuff at home (Water drops, smoke, etc) and am just starting to get into land/sea scapes - although its hard at the moment due to the lack of cloud over here!

What i'm wondering is if theres anyone else out there who would be keen to meet up occasionally to take a few photos (none of my mates are into photography), maybe trade tricks, etc or even go try out new types of shots together like star trails or something.

I'm 30, male, married and do work away alot, but try to get out at least once a week to try and take some photos of something.

If your keen to meet up PM me and we can work something out. - Happy to meet up somewhere for a drink initially and have a chat first if thats easier.