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Thread: Does this apply to photogs?

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    Does this apply to photogs?

    Thought this was an interesting read (go on, only takes a few minutes to read)

    Towards the end it says; "In order to get the free trade agreement through, it agreed to make intellectual property part of Australia's criminal as well as civil law. Our government (or the US government for that matter) is free to prosecute an Australian for a breach of copyright and threaten a jail term whether or not the injured party minds. It can be pressed into taking action the injured party would otherwise have to take itself."

    So if you steal my photo? Wish I had friends in high places.

    This is not to be taken as a chance to bag our current government. All this happened under a previous government.

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    Ah, the well balanced world society! [Insert guffaws here.]

    Yes, shoot each other silly and don't pass any legal curbs, but litigate and prosecute (the "persecute" nuance)
    to the nth degree.

    One should take to reading this tome:

    "Not With A Bang But A Whimper", by Theodore Dalrymple

    and then have a good lie down.
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