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Thread: Photographic News : week ending 20th Jan 2013

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    Photographic News : week ending 20th Jan 2013

    BRNO dry caps.

    A lens cap that contains a silica gel insert to ensure you do everything you can to protect your valuable gear from fungus. Rather than spending money on an expensive dry cabinet, BRNO have developed sets of lens caps (currently for Canon/Nikon only) that do the job well.

    Yongnuo Announces YN500EX, YN-560 III Flashes, YN-622N Trigger

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    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere but I think its a pretty significant (potentially game-changing) product.

    Its a wide converter, roughly 0.7X which would convert a full frame lens to roughly the same field of field when mounted on an APS-C sensor camera, essentially negating the crop factor of using a cropped sensor, at the same time increasing max aperture by 1 stop.

    And if you're doubting the optics, the guy who designed it also designed the Coastal Optics 60mm macro. Here's Bjorn Rorslett's review of the coastal optics 60mm:
    Scroll mid way down to see the review. In other words, world class optics.
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