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Thread: Wacom Cintiq 15X PL-550 - has anyone using/used one of these?

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    Wacom Cintiq 15X PL-550 - has anyone using/used one of these?

    Has anyone using or used the Wacom Cintiq 15X PL-550?

    Got a chance to grab a 2nd hand one with a very good price, wonder if it's a good tool to use with Photoshop editing? Or I better for stick to the Intuos5 or similar?

    Looking forward to your feedback.

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    I remember playing with something similar at the Camera Show in Melb last year.

    Interesting concept, for sure, but whether it offers any real advantage over a tablet with no screen is debatable.

    I also occasionally use my cheapie tablet for editing(very rarely .. it's buried under a ton of crap! ) ... but the way I use a tablet is to not look at the tablet, and watch the screen(as I assume all others do as well).

    So it begs the question .. does the tablet with a screen actually offer any real advantage, and would you edit your images using the tablet but looking at the tablet screen, not your PC monitor?

    Where the screen on the tablet could become an advantage is if you loaded an image onto it, to trace it directly using the digital pen(for whatever purpose??).
    This would seem to be a more natural way to trace an image, rather than remotely viewing an image whilst running using a pen blindly.
    I think that's delving more deeply into the realm of digital image making, as opposed to photo editing.
    That is, if making an image from scratch, it's more natural to look at the image you are drawing with the pen rather than looking at a remote screen.

    I've tried doing that, my kids have also tried doing that(making images from scratch, using my cheapie base model tablet, and it feels 'unnatural' .. the tendency is to look directly at what you are drawing.
    Not saying it can't be done, just that it doesn't feel as natural as real drawing.

    I've seen these kinds of tablets going for about $300 on ebay.

    The way technology advances, it won't be too long before high quality IPS touchscreens become more affordable, and this could alter the way we edit our precious images.
    I remember that at this stand where the tablet was displayed, there was also the huge 27-30" touch screen on display too.
    I only had a limited play time with it, but I can see the advantages it offers for image editing.
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