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Thread: The BeetleCam Project

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    The BeetleCam Project

    Will Burrard-Lucas, a wildlife photographer in Africa, has conceived something he calls the BeetleCam Project.

    Simply put, he built a remote-controlled buggy on which he could mount a DSLR in order to get "unique close-up, ground level photographs of African wildlife".

    More information and photos here:

    Here's one of his images, depicting a lioness at very close proximity to the camera:

    And one of his first BeetleCam images, depicting a nine-month-old leopard cub:

    More of his images are here:

    Very cool indeed.

    I wish I had one of those when we were recently in Africa. It would have been fantastic to plant a camera right in front of a leopard and get a wide-angle shot from the ground.
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    thanks for that....enjoyed it. He has great wildlife pics.
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