I work nights and on Fridays I treat myself to a picnic down by the Port River, take dog and camera and see if anything interesting pops up. Today, I was blessed with a wonderful experience. I noticed a flock of about 15 pelicans further down the river and when I went to explore, they were in company with 3 dolphins and having a collaborative lunch - the dolphins were obviously herding the fish - note the intent look of the pelicans


Got to practice panning at pelicans taking off to fly - I'll bless you with only one shot!

I like this picture, one lonely seagull and one dolphin cruising by, 4 feet from the shore. There was a bank to get down and I was encumbered with the dog, so getting closer wasn't an option.


Walking back to my car, one of the dolphins decided to have a leap out of the water, just for fun. Sadly, I wasn't organised with the camera. I really would have liked to get that shot!

I took these with my V1 and the 30-110mm lens. The V1 is reputed to have just about the fastest continuous AF around. What a pity that it's not possible to have this facility with FX/DX lenses on the FT1 mount. With the pelicans taking off, I just held the shutter down and panned - even a klutz like me can manage to get a few in focus

Hope you've enjoyed sharing my excursion today, cheers Deb