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Thread: an update on our upcoming Hard-Disc give away competitions

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    an update on our upcoming Hard-Disc give away competitions

    Firstly, thanks to everyone of the ideas and suggestions for this. We appreciate all the comments, ideas, suggestion etc

    What we have come up with is a combination of something a member suggested (BobT)- thanks Bob - and our own twist on it.

    The competition will be photographic. What we are going to do is give you some objects that you must pick from and include in your entry, but we are also going to tell you what genre your entry is to be from. As an example (and not real) we might give you a choice of a vacuum cleaner with a FLORA photo. So your entry has to be focused on the FLORA genre, but it must also include a vacuum cleaner (or parts of one) in your entry. It cannot be that the vacuum cleaner was used behind the scene (ie sucking air to create movement), it must be visible in your entry.

    Now I know the above example is way out there, but it gives you an idea of what we want you to do, thus the chances of anyone having an entry in their archives that fits the themes will be almost non-existent.

    There will be three competitions, one for each experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and each competition will have its own set of THINGS and GENRE. A Western Digital USB3 external Hard drive will be the prize for the winners in each level.

    We will give you a lead-in announcement with what the things and genre are so that members can plan their entry for a week or two, before the competition actually starts. We are also considering splitting them up, so it would be only one experience level per week doing this competition, whilst the other levels do a regular weekly competition, on the same week.

    Note that only active site members (from the date of originally announcing this to members in the previous threads) will be eligible to enter.

    More details soon...
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