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Thread: This has been doing the rounds...

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    This has been doing the rounds...

    That is, orbiting, as a good planet should.

    Maybe Adamantine sounds like a classier name than "55 Cancri e". This source was slightly better than some of the others I saw.

    What it didn't mention was that it is inhabited, and by carbon-based life-forms! They're a multi-faceted race of real gems. They call themselves "Caratenes".
    This is because their society is hierarchical and status is based on how many carats you possess. As a race they have achieved much technical brilliance, and apparently developed
    space travel aeons ago. There is evidence that they have visited Earth, as some scattered remains are found in many places around the world and are highly prized.

    Well, there we are! And we thought we were alone...
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    nanu nanu......
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