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Thread: New lenses ... UWA and Tilt Shift (Pentax, Nikon and Canon mounts)

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    New lenses ... UWA and Tilt Shift (Pentax, Nikon and Canon mounts)

    We recently repoorted on a Tilt-Shift lens from Sanyang and it was on display. So was a new 10mm F2.8 super wide angle lens, the Sanyang 10 f/2.8 ED AS UMC CS. This lens is designed for the APS-C format and will be available early in 2013. We confirmed with the Samyang representatives that it will be available for Pentax.

    Schneider introduced a 28mm F4.5 Tilt-Shift lens called PC-TS Super-Angulon 4.5 / 28 HM Aspheric. The lens has a lateral shift of 12 mm and a tilt angle of 8 degrees. It is physically quite big and fortunately furnished with a tripod mount. It is shown above in Nikon mount but is also available for Pentax and Canon. The image format is full-frame (24 x 36 mm) so it will of course also work on APS-C.
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    Good to see third party TS's coming out. I've been eyeing off a 2nd hand Canon 24mm TSE MKI but they still seem to go for a bit 2nd hand, so it's good having more choice for affordable TS's.

    I didn't realise Schneider-Kreuznach was releasing one too so that's good news also.

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