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Thread: Canon EOS 650D

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    Canon EOS 650D


    I'm a nubie with cameras and really don't know anything about them
    I wondered if anyone had opinions about the Canon EOS 650D and its performance.
    Also, where would the most economical please be to buy it in your opinion, in Australia.
    I live in Victoria.
    Thank you


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    There are sponsors on this site who offer great prices and you should give them a go.. If you're in Melbourne, I have used Camera Action (A Camera House store).
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    All cameras from the major manufacturers do what they say they will. It is the user who takes the photos. So you could happily buy an entry level Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus or more and you have a device that is very capable of capturing a scene. In the end, what brand you choose is really a personal preference.

    If by most economical, you mean cheapest, then some of the grey importing stores online will be the go, but remember that grey imports are not covered with a warranty in Aus, so if anything goes wrong that is a warranty failure you will need to contact the seller to arrange repair/replacement, or pay for the repair via Canon/Nikon/Sony etc.
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    I think the 650D is a great camera for someone getting into more serious photography.
    It has some great features like the touch screen and other improvements over and above any other entry level Canon DSLR.
    The new Digic 5 processor is streets ahead of the older Digic 4 especially with higher ISO's (ability to take good photos in darker environments).

    The fact that it can auto focus during video is another winner IMHO.

    As Rick has said, you'll get a much cheaper price if you buy grey, but if you want to buy locally, just shop around on the local websites or go and haggle in person.
    Sometimes, the major department stores have a sale on camera gear, and you can often score a real bargain even if you have to order it and wait a few days for them to get it in.
    I saved almost $500 on any other local supplied 5D3 by buying it at Myer during a 20% off sale.
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