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Thread: Advice needed- Filter for tokina 12-24

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    Advice needed- Filter for tokina 12-24

    To the brains trust

    I have a Nikon d200 and generally use my tokina 12-24 for landscape photos. I have been thinking about getting some nd filters

    One option is a screw in 77mm ND Fader Filters which look flexible without having to purchase multiple filters.

    Another option is a cokin filter holder which would also allow me to get a grad ND.

    What should I get? If I went for the cokin will the P series cokin Work or do I need to get the z series? Or will both still have problems at 12mm?

    Any advice appreciated


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    at 12 mm, the p series will most likely vignette, by the edge of the holder intruding into the field of view. with the sigma 10-20 te p series is visible in the view finder from about 14mm and wider. go the z-pro system for this alone
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    Quote Originally Posted by ricktas View Post
    ..... go the z-pro system for this alone
    At 12mm the standard single filter Cokin P series shouldn't vignette, but as you seem keen to use filters then do as Rick said and go with the Z-Pro system.

    Makes it easier to stack filters as required.
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