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Thread: On-Line Auction for cameras, lenses etc

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    On-Line Auction for cameras, lenses etc

    G'day all

    I have had this referred to me ...
    A major UK photo retailer has gone belly up and hundreds of cameras & lenses are up for grabs
    All in all there are about 2000 lots in the auction

    It might interest some of you /us

    day-1 has dozens of Sony Alpha cameras & lenses, lots of Panasonic stuff
    day-2 has dozens of Canon & Nikon camera bodies, dozens of sigma lenses for Canon & Nikon from 10mm to bigma 500's
    day-3 has more of day-2

    Regards, Phil
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    + 15% comission
    + 20% VAT (GST)
    + Pick up obstacles
    Probably mean that unless they sell for an absolute song there will be few bargains to be had.
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