A while ago AK83 alerted me about the quality and reasonable pricing of the Hejnar Photo range of plates, brackets and clamps.

I acquired 3 lens plates, a D800 specific L bracket and a compatible clamp.
I have just finished making an adaptor for the clamp to fit on an old Manfrotto ball head and got to try them out.

All the parts are very well made and finished, from recently looking at the RRS range and in the past at Kirk and Markins products, the Hejnar parts are on a par.
The L bracket fits well and is a two piece design so that by removing one allen socket head screw it can be used as a standard camera plate. Bonus.
The plate / bracket whilst not specifically made for other models, fits the D700 and D200 bodies as well. Bonus.
Pricing is good for this level of quality gear.
Service and communications from Chris is excellent. From hitting the "pay now" button to receiving the goods was 1 hour short of 11 days. Would have been quicker if Aus. Post worked on weekends.

Clamp and lens plate.

L bracket and clamp horizontal.

L bracket and clamp vertical.