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Thread: 5D Mark III HDR jpg resolution

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    5D Mark III HDR jpg resolution

    Recently Ive been trying to find the sweet spot taking HDR cityscapes with the 5D3 and have posted examples elsewhere on AP.

    Im happy with how the process is working and my techniques are getting better and therefore with the results. The resulting automatically created (in camera) jpg however seems to be reported by Photoshop and Aperture as 72dpi - OK to look at on the screen, but not much use for printing onto canvas and that needs to be 300dpi.

    So, have I:
    a) got the camera incorrectly setup
    b) missing the point / miss-understanding dpi

    Can I simply ups-cale in photoshop from 72dpi to 300dpi and then scale the image to the canvas size, so that all is correct for printing? or do I need to revert to using the 3 RAW images and create my own resultant HDR in Photomatix or some other such application?

    I have checlked out the 5D3 manual and cant find any reference to HDR jpg resolution.

    Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated.


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    For printing, the only thing that matters is the pixel dimensions. For an 8x10 print for example, your file needs to be 2400px by 3000px. It doesn't matter that the jpeg defaults to 72dpi.

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