A photographer friend on Facebook alerted me to the fact that Snapknot (a website to help put people in touch with wedding photographers) are giving away the winner's choice of the Canon 5DMkIII or the Nikon D800. It seems to be primarily to get their Facebook page attention, but what business doesn't do something via FB now, and attempt to build their FB profile with some kind of promotion?

I had a look at the conditions, and it seems to be legit, though there is one semi-nasty clause in the conditions, and that is that a winner that is not in the USA has 14 days to arrange their own pickup and delivery of the camera or they will pick another winner. Not sure what it would cost, or how hard it would be, to arrange a courier to pick up something for you from the US. and send it to you, but it would have to be a lot cheaper than buying the camera would be
Following this link http://bit.ly/P9So6F gives me extra chances in the draw, but if that's a no-no on this site, then just look up snapknot on Facebook (or probably at their website), and follow the links from there.

They claim that you can search any city worldwide, so they may or may not be much use to photographer's here that shoot weddings, but might be worth a look if you're seeking another avenue to promote your business or put yourself in touch with potential clients.

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