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Thread: Another Dumb ? How do I remove a post?

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    Another Dumb ? How do I remove a post?

    I have duplicated my last posting while attempting an edit of the title. How do I remove one of the duplicated. The edit button says edit/delete but I don't see any delete process.
    Some assistance required please.

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    You can't, we can (mods), I did.

    I saw your duplicate and removed it a couple of minutes ago.

    Anything that you need looked at, like that, or someone who has posted spam etc, use the report post icon (the small triangle with an exclamation mark in it) that appears on each and every post on the site. When you report a post/thread every mod gets advised of it, in the mods area of the site, and by email. So whoever of us is online can action it as soon as possible.
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