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Thread: Mobile Phone Shots competition

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    Mobile Phone Shots competition

    As we seem to be loosely following 'Photo Finish' with comp ideas (weddings, social documentary) can we have a mobile phone theme for a future comp? Photo Finish next Thurs will be on this theme so it would be interesting to compare our shots with the 3 competitors in the upcoming show.

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    I'd take a photo of my mobile photo, if I had one!
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    The current comps are based on the forum titles in the Critique Forums.

    We do not have a mobile phone forum as one of our critique fourms, as the forums are based on subject matter, not on method of capture. So we will not be having a mobile phone competition during the current series.

    The current series of themes and how/why they were chosen was announced HERE. Any similarity to the themes used on the Photo Finish TV show is just coincidence as we had the order of the Ausphotography genre competition themes finalised in May, before our first competition began. The mods and I have a list we are working through, in as specific order, for these competitions.
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