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E6 is really difficult to develop at home as it requires constant temperatures and the margins are wafer thin. In the old days the benefit of slide film was that it gave you almost instant results that you could see on a light table without inverting it. The other benefit was the lower ASA ratings, but having compared the latest Kodak professional films such as Ektar, alongside Velvia 50 and 100. The Ektar has a finer grain structure and vastly superior latitude than slide film to the point where we're talking 13 to 14 stops of light with Ektar, vs. 3 with slide film. +1 and -1 and if you miss that then you throw the slide away.

Even if Fuji discontinues their slide film, which they're not doing anymore anyhow, for today's purposes, negs are vastly superior for most purposes unless you want to show people exactly what you shot... but these days you just scan and invert them and show someone on a screen...
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