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Thread: Defocus Control - 135 or 105?

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    Defocus Control - 135 or 105?

    Has anyone out there used both of these lenses (or made the decision to prefer one over the other)??

    I've been looking for a 135 DC but I was told by a couple of people that the 105 is the better lens.

    I am yet to see for myself, so if anyone out there who has either (or both) please speak up and let us know which you prefer (and why)

    It will be used on both film and digital (which is the D7K for the moment, until I can afford an 800E)

    I've seen a couple of old threads on this subject, but not specific enough, hence this question.

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    Joe I'm in the same boat as you, I have a D7000 and I have been buying up good quality lenses. I have heard that the 135 DC is great for portrait because it is a prime lens it should be sharp. The 105 is also real sharp and nikon make a micro (macro) f 2.8 105 which gives you the best of both worlds. These days you can hire a lens go out and shoot compare it for what you want to do. That way you can make the choice. I have read and read about the best of this and that and I have often made decisions on the basis of what other people say. I'm saying that for me this stops I am in a position where for a hundred bucks or so I can hire a lens or body go out and shoot for the day bring it back and make up my own mind. If I have dound then I will refer back to the forums on AP where I can be a little more specific about the question and garner peoples opinions. Probably not the help you are wanting but you are not alone on this one.

    Kind Regards

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