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Thread: Remote control via iPhone

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    Remote control via iPhone

    I was reading a totally unrelated topic elsewhere when I found a link to this wired remote for Canon, Pentax, and Hasselblad and Samsung cameras (LOL. It lumps those brands in with 'blads, but leaves out Nikon ... no comment ... actually Nikon is coming soon). the app costs extra if you want all the functions, but has a free version with basic features.

    I thought it wasn't too bad, but then when I went to look for the link again to mention it here, I found this one instead. If you don't mind your camera being hardwired to a computer that has a wifi connection, then you'll be hard pressed to beat what you can do with this remote ---- ---- it's flaming amazing.
    Its features include liveview on your iphone, photo review after shot via your phone - including the ability to zoom in to check focus on the shot - it can even do auto exposure bracketing up to 31 exposures (that would be a heck of a high dynamic range). Basically you can fully control all the major features of your camera, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc etc all from your phone, and even control and view your video functions on a video capable camera.
    Pretty damned flash - provided you are happy to have the camera tethered to a computer. Just not sure that if you're going to tether it to a computer, why you'd then want controls on your phone, but I can imagine it working really well for some Studio based photographers.
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