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Thread: HDR Bracket Setup for Nikon D800, Guide by Luke Zeme

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    HDR Bracket Setup for Nikon D800, Guide by Luke Zeme

    This certainly won't be for everyone but it will help someone Im SURE ! Its a how to HDR for Nikon D800 that I wrote myself.

    When I received my Nikon D800 5 weeks ago I was unsure of the best way to setup the camera for a HDR bracket sequence. I searched high and low on the web and also read the manual quite thoroughly.

    I was looking for a method so that all I had to do was press the shutter button and it fired off.
    Well I didn't find one and I eventually just worked it out for myself through trial and error.

    For any of you out there wishing to learn to setup your Nikon D800 so all you have to do is press the shutter once and your HDR bracket is fired off, head over to my guide on my website.

    I wrote this because it was frustrating for me at the start, but I would like to make the ride smoother for others. There are certainly guides on how to setup your D90 or your D700... but none on the D800 which has been out 4 months now. So I did my bit for the community and filled a gap that I saw.

    Hope it helps someone ;-)

    Thanks Luke
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