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Thread: Serious Site Rule Breach

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    Serious Site Rule Breach

    I have just banned a member for one of our more serious site rule breaches. Given that I currently have a thread going for members to have their say on AP, now and in the future. I thought it wise to post this and show you what goes on behind the scenes.

    Recently some members pointed out to us that a member may not be who they are pretending to be. After several months of being an AP member we had not seen a single photo. I sent them a PM asking them to start showing us some of their work. Well they did post some photos, but not their own work.

    The photo and thread in question is here:

    Unfortunately this happens, on all forums. The mods and I may not be perfect, but we try and do the best for the members and the site. The investigation into this member has been running for about a week now. This takes time and takes us away from participating with members on the site (which is much more enjoyable and rewarding).

    So just a warning to others, if you are here on AP for reasons other than participating as a genuine photographer, you will be caught out!

    If you are here to join in with our great online community, then thanks, and be assured we have your back, and will do what we can to protect your copyright over your photos.
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