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Thread: SD and Eye-Fi Card Speed

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    SD and Eye-Fi Card Speed

    Hey everyone, I'm very close to pulling the trigger on a 5D3, and probably will despite this question.

    I'm keen to use the SD slot for an Eye-Fi card for transfer or jpgs for review on a tablet while shooting in the field. I've just noticed this article doing the rounds about the 5D's SD card slot...

    So my question is, can anyone with the camera please give feedback on whether the SD card does slow the camera down noticeably when shooting continuous high speed? (SD card slot is 133x or 20MB/s) And further to that, the Eye-Fi is only Class 6 which is slower again (only 6MB/S), does anyone have any experience with it slowing down your camera?

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    not having a 5D III but understandign a little of what your trying to do, if your shooting raw and jpg and sending the jpgs to the SD slot, that would be only about 8 - 9 mb per shot, so at 6mb/s the card may struggle if you shoot burst, however the wifi and the SD write speed are two different things...

    if i am not mistaken, the card will be written to by the buffer, and that is limited to 20mb/s and that would be the limiting factor, as the wifi will only send an image AFTER its written, so it in itself will have to wifi from that... and that wont hold up the speed of the shooting...

    how many shots do you want to shoot at?

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