Gitzo Systematic Tripods

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Sourced Locally, we believe our tripods to be the lowest if not the lowest around, if you find a better price, feel free to contact us. As like all our products, we source our products through the Authorised local distributors, so you can rest assured that you will receive a genuine product, a brand new product (not refurbished), the real thing (not a cheap knock off with a manufacturer sticker on it) and a local warranty. We are also not so shabby on customer service (i hear some people saying "customer service??.. whats that!") . If we can be of any help, feel free to call us, email us or drop in to our store.

Gitzo Systematic tripods are the strongest and most stable tripods available in the market and offer unsurpassed flexibility of use. These tripods are a unique modular system that can be quickly transformed into different configurations. The same tripod can serve both as a video and a photographic support. A wide selection of accessories allow you to keep growing your system according to your future needs, for still life, macro, outdoor, sport and wildlife applications. Systematic tripods are available in 6X carbon fibre and aluminium tubing. Aluminium tripods (Series 5 excluded) have been completely redesigned and upgraded to the same features of 6X carbon fibre models. Aluminium Systematic are now faster, lighter and more stable. A key innovation is the use of Gitzo latest aluminium tube1.2mm wall thick, 30% lighter than its predecessor, with Anti Leg Rotation system (ALR) and brushed matt black finish for improved locking performance and minimised reflectivity. Thanks to ALR, Aluminium Systematic tripods are now as fast to operate as the 6X carbon fibre versions. A part from the tubing, aluminium and Carbon Fibre systematic tripods now share the same features: G-Lock, removable self locking feet, three leg spreads and new upper platforms. These new platforms allow for a more solid connection of the head and reduced vibrations thanks to the safe lock techno polymer disc and a locking screw for the head.