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Thread: Anonymous Critic : I will be away for a while

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    Anonymous Critic : I will be away for a while

    I would like to thank all the Ausphotography members for welcoming me to the site and accepting my critiques both graciously and educationally. I hope that you have been able to take something from what I have written and provided to help you both improve your own photography and to also work on your critiquing skills as well.

    As you would know, I was asked to come on board to provide critique to the Ausphotography competitions. Tonight, just after the winners of Photo of the Week 309 are announced, I will be presenting another rounds of constructive commentary on one of the competition levels. I hope you get as much out of my efforts this week, as you did last week.

    Unfortunately, this will be my last round of critiques for a week or two. I say unfortunately, as I have really enjoyed this role to date and it is unfortunate that I have to stop for a short time, and unfortunately for the AP members, as you will have to wait a bit, till I am back, for the next of my critique discussions.

    Prior to agreeing to take on this role, I had already accepted an assignment that takes me out of the studio and away from home. My business must come first. This photo-shoot is in a remote location and internet access is non-existent and even my mobile phone will be about as useful as a brick.

    So, please keep up the great work of critiquing each others photos, and once this assignment is complete, in the words of Arnie - I'll be back!
    Providing Anonymous Critique to the Ausphotography members.

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    Thanks for letting us know and best wishes for successful completion of your assignment.

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