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Thread: Watch out when importing your next lot of gear...

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    Watch out when importing your next lot of gear...

    ONLINE shoppers face "severe" penalties if they are caught taking advantage of loopholes to avoid paying tax on foreign goods.

    Overseas retailers are offering Australian buyers fake invoices so that purchases appear to cost less than the $1000 threshold in order to avoid paying GST and import duties.

    But under the customs act, shoppers face fines of up to $110,000 if they are caught undervaluing goods.

    "The penalties for making a false declaration to Customs can be severe," a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson said.

    Online shoppers who undervalue goods could also face fines equal to 20 per cent of the duty shortfall, the spokesperson said.

    Consumers can also face a penalty up to 75 per cent of the GST shortfall.
    David Shafer, managing director of local online electronics retailer, said the Government should be more concerned with policing the current laws, rather than changing the rules "to appease the loudest voices in the retail sector". [Gerry Harvey]

    "It seems a better course of action would be to ensure the current rules are being properly applied," Mr Shafer said.
    Make sure the paperwork is correct.
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