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Thread: Google Glass project

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    Google Glass project

    I'm starting to feel like Google is taking it's marketing lead from Microsoft. Years back Bill Gates "invented" the "information super highway" some 20 years AFTER the internet actually came into existence. Now we have the Google Glass project claiming something unique for their clunky (IMHO) implementation of Point of View (POV) cameras. Just to show there truly is nothing "new" under the Google sun, here is a shot of some REAL POV glasses that I've been using for some time - I have 5 sets at work for getting students to demonstrate practical exercises when I can't be physically present.

    EDUPOV Glasses

    Of course these glasses aren't Google-enabled with a heads up display, but I wonder what the big deal is about that? Who really wants Google controlling their lives? The important part is the POV camera and that's just "old news".
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    Warning: If you try and participate in the Google Glass project from the link provided above, you get to a screen when you have to participate in a 'survey' to continue. The one I chose has a $15.00 charge to proceed (billed to your mobile phone, as a subscription service, with ongoing fees) Please read the fine print on the pages as you go forward if you want to participate.
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