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    I recently purchased a Hoya ND400 filter, mainly for use when travelling and I end up at the right place at the wrong time. The first time I tried it out I just slowed the shutter 9 stops and every photo was blown out. The lcd screen in bright sun is useless to me so this time I made sure the preview screen showed the histogram which I can see much more clearly and this seemed to work much better. This is one of my attempts. Any CC and advice would be welcome. The photo was taken at approx 1.30 p.m. I had meant to shoot one before putting the filter on to compare but in my eagerness to test it out I forgot.

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    For me the image still doesn't work - the water is nice and silky but the lighting is still all wrong - would work better in the magic hours! Also composition wise it is just a soso image. Maybe cropping some of the sky and foreground would work. Also needs some more contrast and saturation. While the ND400 filter allowed you to avoid burning out the highlights you still need to think about the basics of photography.
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