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Thread: Looking for Canon 24-105 L IS USM owners with problems.

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    Looking for Canon 24-105 L IS USM owners with problems.

    Recently my 24-105mm L lens started showing the
    "aperture" problem - Err 01 - no communication between lens and body. Most
    likely because an aperture blade got stuck or the ribbon cable serving the aperture mechanism got dislodged/damaged.

    This seems to be a fairly common problem with this lens and requires expensive repairs ($350 - $650).
    Although I read quite a few reports here and there about this problem Canon seems to ignore it and pretends it "does not exist". IMHO this must be a design fault or inherent weakness which they should recognise and take resposibility for - especially as this lens has the "L" label for "professional" use.

    I would like to make an inventory of all complaints and with this inventory build a case against Canon. Here in Australia I could report the case to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission).

    Please report your personal experience in this thread or send me a PM with details.


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    Should be plenty of info on this thread which I started last July , I got mine repaired and was told it should'nt happen again (Touch wood ) Been working perfectly since the $300 repair , It's most likely the ribbon attached to the aperture mechanism, But you cant just replace the ribbon sadely , Anyway have a read here, Should be useful to you - Bill
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