I am planning a 'speculator' drive on Thursday or Friday to check some locations I have not been to for a few years. I'm planning a dawn trip one day soon to try for some of those 'mountains in the mist' shots. And I know there are also opportunities for trees in the forest and other good scenes along the route.

If anyone would care to tag along I'd love some company, I plan to make a day of it and tyke a picnic and coffee etc. Photos will only be for reference unless it is a cloudy day with interesting light. It would be leave my place (Terranora) round 8am, I can offer a sofa bed for the night before if anyone wants to do that. Or if anyone wants to come along as follow on feel free, just let me know.

The route I will be driving - from home:
1. down to Tumbulgum, along Dulguigan Rd on the north Tumbulgum side of the rivers;
2. left at Tomewin Rd towards Murillumbah and right at Nunimbah Rd along to Chillingham;
3. from Chillingahm along Zara Rd to
4. Limpinwod Rd to Tyalgum (some nice ops for river scenes here, the trees hang right down over the water);
5. then from Tyalgum along Brays Ck Rd to Byrril Rd - this takes you along the southern side of Mt Warning and the caldera and gives some great views, plus there are lots of interesting trees, forest shots and the river
6. we have reached- we can go right and explore Doon Doon and the headwaters of Clarrie Hall Dam - a very nice area for photography, I have some good fog shots from a few years ago; OR
7. go left Kyogle Rd to Uki (nice river photo ops here and the village is interesting too) and right up Rowlands Creek Rd which turns into Manns Rd and then into Main Arm Rd and takes us along to
8. Upper Main Arm and then on to Main Arm, where we go into
9. The Pocket Rd and through the Pocket to Billnudgel and the Pacific Highway - then straight up the highway to home.

This is quite a long excursion, I've done it this way so people can see =where I am going on Google maps.

When I go back for the dawn expedition(s) it will just be to 1 or 2 spots at a time and by the most direct route, not following this meandering wander!