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    Underwater camera housing

    Hi I am considering a underwater camera housing for my Nikon d7000 does any one have any advice or recommendations also what kind of focal length would be ideal for surface shots .

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    You have two options, one expensive, one cheap

    For surf photography, you generally want to consider a surf housing. There are a number of brands, SQL, Aquatech to name a few. Aquatech is Aussie if I remember correctly. They range in price but you can expect to spend anything from $1000 (second hand) to $3000+ depending on the housing, number of ports, accessories.

    The cheaper option is something like the EWA brand of soft housings which will protect the camera but wouldn't be suitable if you intend going into the waves.

    Focal length would depend on what you intend doing. Surf photography is normally wide, 14-20mm so you probably want a Nikon 10-24 but I don't have a lot of experience with this so I'm going with what I've heard rather than what I know.

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    Of course if you want to have a bit of fun, get a GoPro, these are cheap around $369 and waterproof to 60m. I'm thinking about ordering one for my kayaking stuff this winter. You get good video and still shots, the only downfall is the fixed focal length and aperture.

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    dive housing or for water sports (eg surfing, wake boarding etc?

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