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Thread: Members with hotmail : live : msn emails : You need to change your email ASAP

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    Members with hotmail : live : msn emails : You need to change your email ASAP


    As you may be aware from THIS thread, we have experienced an issue with hotmail : live : msn email addresses.

    I, Kym and our hosting company have been working for 2 weeks to resolve this matter. At present all email notifications to members with hotmail : live : msn email addresses attached to their Ausphotography account, are being bounced back by Microsoft.

    Microsoft have repeatedly advised us that the matter is fixed, but the emails continue to bounce.

    Therefore, effective immediately, I have permanently blocked hotmail : live : msn email addresses
    from being used on Ausphotography.

    Implications of this:
    * New members will not be able to register on the site using hotmail : live : msn email addresses
    * Existing members using these email services will still have access, but will not receive notfications of personal messages, subscribed threads, site newsletters and more.

    We ask all members who have a hotmail : live : msn email attached to their Ausphotography accounts
    go to their settings menu and change their email address to another service provider.

    If you want a free email service, you can try:
    So please, check the email address attached to your Ausphotography account, and if it is a hotmail : live : msn email, please change it to another email service. This will ensure you retain full access to all site features.

    When you change your email address, the site software will send a confirmation to the NEW email address. You will need to open that email and click the verification link it it, to activate your account with the new email. Till you do that, your access will be restricted. Check the junk mail folder in your new email address, if you cannot find this verification email.

    We will begin a personal message campaign shortly, to advise members, as the emails bounce, to do the above.

    Members who are using one of the above emails and have subscribed to threads on the site, will have all their subscriptions deleted, if they do not change their email address. The reason for subscribing to a thread is so that you get email notification of posts to that thread, but these emails are not allowing those subscription emails to be sent. So anyone who retains one of these email addresses will have all their subscriptions deleted.

    If in future, Microsoft fixes their email services and allows us to send emails to them, we will restore their usability on Ausphotography and advise members that this has been done.
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