Hello guys,

Do anyone know Manny Librodo? He has been renowned as one of the best glamour and portrait photographers and is currently conducting a lot of photography workshops around the world. I've written him an email asking if he has any scheduled workshop here in Australia, specifically in Melbourne. He said that he would like to come here but he will need someone to organise the event.

He would usually cater for 15 persons (to a maximum of 20) on a two day workshop.

The outline of the workshop would include (brief outline of the course):

Day 1: Shoot
-lecture before shoot (1 hour)

Shoot (4 to 5 hours)
-directing the model
-camera settings
-finding the light
-the thought process
-hands on instructions

Day 2: Post-Processing
-My general workflow
-Color enhancement
-Light enhancement
-Making the subject Pop Out
-Changing/creating "moods" of pictures

Now, my dilemma is how can I get someone to help me organise this workshop so that Manny Librodo could come here in Melbourne. Anyone interested?

Should you wish to look at his works, you can refer to this link: