We are always looking to improve the AusPhotography member experience.
This is your opportunity to provide some constructive feedback on the site usability.

We will collate the results and use it as feedback to the vBulletin development team where relevant
and use it for our own improvements.

Content discovery
What are you three main methods of finding items on AusPhotography?
Please select up to 3 methods you use.
Please comment of what you like and/or dislike about finding content.

Editor functions
Please comment on the posting tool.
What do you like and/or dislike?
Do you use some of the rich text edit functions?
Which mode do you use? (Did you even know you could change your settings?)
  • Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing
  • Basic Editor - A simple text box
  • Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls

Please comment of the use of site shortcuts.
Eg. The new 'New Thread' icons on the forum list; also the AP Extras menu.
Do you use many of the site shortcuts?

Do you use the library?
Are you aware the you can contribute to the library?
(50 posts + 30days membership)

Do you enter and/or vote on competitions?
Is there anything you would like to see improved?

AP Tools
Do you any of the AP Tools menu items?

Profile and Settings
Do you update your profile and/or change you settings at all?

Site notices
Do you dismiss notices (the green X on the right hand side) once read?

Other feedback
Any other comments?