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Thread: We have a new forum : Shooting Help

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    We have a new forum : Shooting Help

    I have just opened up our newest forum

    Shooting Help

    It is under the Photographic Help and Advice section

    Up till now we have not had a specific forum for asking advice on settings, etc for getting 'that' shot,
    the in-camera technical aspects of getting the shot, compositional and other advice on the actual taking
    of photos.

    Note, this forum is not for posting photos for critique, but rather for getting helpful advice on how to take
    the photo.
    "It is one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it is another thing to make a portrait of who they are" - Paul Caponigro

    Constructive Critique of my photographs is always appreciated
    Nikon, etc!

    My Photography

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    Excellent, how good is this, I am a beginner of sorts I have been taking photos for over 30 years there are so many types of photos that I am interested in and just dont know how to get that magic shot. A forum such as this where we can get some detail on how to take a certain kind of shot will be fantastic.

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