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Thread: Desaturation with Photobucket

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    Desaturation with Photobucket

    I have had alot of problems of late with photos im sharing being desaturated even though all my PS settings point my photos to Srgb colour space... Today i think i finally found the problem... When uploaded to photobucket my images are being desaturated... my save for web and devices save on my computer looks exactly like it does when opened in photoshop and windows picture veiw yet when uploaded to photobucket looks grey and well... yuk... so i decided to have a play with the edit settings in Photobucket to add some saturation and contrast to the image below till it was what i am seeing in PS and WPV and saved as a copy . Its definatly a big difference to what is being shown from photobucket..

    Image when uploaded to PB.

    Image After using PB edit settings to adjust saturation and contrast how it looks in my original photo.

    So now the big question is.... How do i go about fixing that my photos appear on the internet like they do on my computer..
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    Sammi I dont have any problems with my images being desaturated using Photobucket I have used them for 8 years from P&S to DSLR images
    You have removed your images so I cannot view them to see the difference, if no one looks at your post bump it up again
    So was wondering if because you are *Saving to the Web* that could be the problem as I never use that.
    I am using CS3 and use *Save As* so it does not strip the Exif data. Perhaps try that and see if there is any difference..

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