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    Help with Pano's

    Hey all,

    Taken a few panos lately and kind of enjoying doing these! I have been using cs5 photomerge to do it but it seems to make the panos really small?

    Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to better do them? any advice would be very much appreciated.

    Oh, i have CS5 ext & LR 3.6

    Thanks guys


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    How small is that? I use an early version of Hugin which shrinks the original images files before stitching them into a pano, but only to 1600 pixels each on the wide side.
    Also Autostitch has a default 10% size setting that is easily changeable. Maybe CS5 has an output size you can change. I have a trial version of CS6 which I will check as soon as I find some pics to stitch.

    EDIT: (Still had time.)
    I just tried a stitch of two pics with CS6 Photomerge. There was NO reduction in size. So this means ????

    BTW, I know it was only a quick go, but CS6 Photomerge looks pretty basic to me. If you get into this, get something like the 2012 version of Hugin from Then go for your truck-driver's licence, because it's intricate.
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    try microsoft ice, it is free from microsoft. it is fast and can do a reasonable job at stitching
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    thanks guy's, just posted one up for CC.

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