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Thread: Perhaps trivial, but odd.

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    Perhaps trivial, but odd.

    This is not a rant thread, just an observation that I have since found to be partly addressed in this other thread.

    It says there is a 7-day period before a new user's Introductions thread is locked out. But before I read that, I was looking at some Introductions where the users have been here a few days AND some have posted amply.

    Then there is a tardy welcome from some well-meaning user.

    If the same well-meaner clicked on the user's name in the post they could select the option to view that user's posts/threads, and perhaps get an idea of just how useful a late welcome would be.
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    It gets down to a balancing act
    We could change the lock time?

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    There will always be someone who drags up an old thread, or posts about something weeks after everyone else has discussed it. Sometimes even starting a new thread to convey exactly the same request/message/information as another thread. It is just the dynamics of internet forums.

    re posts, there is also the members post count displayed right near their username in every post made to the site. Easy to see at a glance, how many posts someone has made.
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