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Thread: newbie help please

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    newbie help please

    Hey my name is cory i live in hobart tasmania. I recently bought a

    Kodak EasyShare Z7590 5.0 [/URL]

    And i like taking photos but i dont no how to edit them what is a good free programe to use. and tips for takning good shots and getting good editing skills. i take alot of 4wd driving cars and bike photos any help would be good cheers
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    Welcome to AP. Download 'the gimp' from the net, it is free. Use Youtube to find some tutorials on using it. Enjoy AP and see you on the forums soon.
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    G'day Cory.
    Did you get some software with you camera? It's a starting point until you investigate other options.
    As Rick said also.
    I use IrfanView (free) for certain things. A quick review and download here.....
    About "taking good shots", some parts of this ...
    in the AP Library may be useful ( you have to figure out which parts ). Though, if you have time, it's worth going though it all. It's also free, and it's here.
    All the best, and I hope you hang around these parts.
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