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Thread: Security... new wave of Phishing emails

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    Exclamation Security... new wave of Phishing emails

    New wave of phishing attacks serves malware to PCs and Macs

    By Ed Bott | March 23, 2012, 5:24am PDT

    Summary: Malware distributors have launched a new wave of attacks aimed at taking over unpatched PCs and Macs. They look like routine messages from a bank or a social network, but instead of phishing for passwords, they’re serving up malware.

    In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed an alarming increase in fraudulent email messages coming to some old, well-established email addresses of mine.

    It’s not just the quantity of messages that’s noteworthy, it’s the quality as well. This particular wave of attacks includes some attacks that are frighteningly real looking. And they’re being used to serve up a toxic brew of malware to unprotected systems.

    Consider these two examples of messages I received this week. The first appears to be a fraud alert from American Express:
    Read more in the link above
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    Got my first one in over 18months this morning, not a very good one though. Got sent straight to Spam Fighter.

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