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Thread: Motorcycle Race Days Eastern Creek

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    Motorcycle Race Days Eastern Creek

    Colour, action, drama!
    Formula Extreme visits Eastern Creek this weekend (17-18 March 2012)
    Intense competition in various classes - practise Saturday, race day Sunday.
    The following weekend will be HUGE!
    The annual Barry Sheene Festival of Speed will be staged - practise Friday, racing Saturday and Sunday (23-25 March 2012)
    Presented by the Post Classic Racing Club this event features many machines from various eras competing.
    See side-valve, tank-shift Harleys and Indians fight another battle of a 100 year war.
    See stars of the recent past wheel out their retired racers to settle old scores.
    Australia vs. New Zealand teams in an overall points comp.
    Not to forget the season's first round of the Aus. sidecar championship.
    Free access to paddock and pits will be available on both occasions.
    Best point of entry is via the pit gates Ferrers Road.
    There is always something to see and do on these occasions, every year I bump into students who attend to practise panning.
    The spectator parking areas always feature exotica and classics as interesting as the on-track activities.
    Hope you can make it.

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    Thanks for posting it lincoln!
    Almost foregot about it, was last year there and liked it a lot!
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