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Thread: flash pro strobes

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    flash pro strobes

    hey guys, im bout to buy some new strobe gear and just wondering if anyone has had any experience or tried out any Flashpro 500sp strobes?

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    Googling them, they seem to be a chinese made strobe system. Some of the stuff out of China is good, other is crap. I have not heard of this brand before. One of the issues with buying these generic chinese systems is that they are not compatible (connector wise, etc) with the more common and well known brands. So you end up with a reasonable/good/bad lighting system that you cannot get parts for in a few years, even globes, in some cases.

    While worth considering, I think, long term, you are better looking at known brands like Bowen, Elinchrom, etc, or at least brands that show a 'compatible with' as part of their product blurb.
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