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Thread: Australian MTB Championships this weekend.

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    Australian MTB Championships this weekend.

    Just a quick note for all you Adleaide shooters.........
    Australian Mountain Bike Championships are on at Eagle Mountain Bike Park this weekend.
    An assembly of 99% of this country's top dirt pedallers and quite a few punters across all MTB disciplines.
    Actually from 22-02-2012 to 26-02-2012 but all the real action happpens from Friday.
    For anyone that is interested in this sort of thing there are endless photo opportunities.
    Only draw back is that they will slug you for entry at the gate, normally quite reasonable but the money either goes to the Park or local charitable organisation.
    Would normally have been there myself but son is in Canada snowboarding so we are a no show this year.
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    CC always welcome and appreciated.
    Tweaks welcome but please add how and why.

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