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This page is for member to put links to software that is useful to photographers.
  • The GIMP
    GIMP is a multi-platform photo manipulation tool. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. The GIMP is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks, including photo retouching, image composition, and image construction.

  • Picasa from google
    Picasa is a software download from Google that helps you organize, edit, and share your photos.

  • Hugin Pamorama Photo Stitcher
    New editions are regularly posted here.

  • Paint.NET
    Handy little image editor, small fast and easy

  • BD Sizer (Free)
    Having trouble re-sizing JPEG images? then this is for you

  • FastStone MaxView
    A tiny, very fast and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout and commands allow everyone, from beginners to professionals, to view and manipulate images quickly and efficiently

  • XnView
    Viewing and conversion software. Supports 400 file formats. Ability to view metadata.

  • IrfanView image organiser
    IrfanView seeks to create unique, new and interesting features, unlike some other graphic viewers, whose whole "creativity" is based on feature cloning, stealing of ideas and whole dialogues from ACDSee and/or IrfanView!

  • Action Central
    A great little resource for Photoshop Actions

  • Shrink Pic
    It automatically detects when you're sending large photo files and compresses them in the background. There's no setup, no operating instructions, nothing, nada. Just send your photos normally and Shrink Pic takes care of shrinking them.

  • Picturenaut
    HDR processing provides (all automatically) image alignment, exposure correction, color balancing, noise level compensation, and derivation of the camera curve from the source images.

  • FDRTools Basic (HDR)
    The supported import image formats are: JPEG, TIFF, Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, Integrated RAW converter plus DCRAW for direct import of virtually all digital camera RAW formats. The supported export image formats are : Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, TIFF, PNG, PPM, BMP and JPEG. There are four windows that you can view: display of menu with images and adjustments, preview area, progress and navigator. When you choose to align the images, the application automatically compensates for any 'slight' camera wobble. Once the images are aligned, you may manually adjust to create a slight misalignment for image creativity (sometimes a slight misalignment can create a better HDR image by giving it more depth).

  • Essential HDR Community Edition
    Their goal is to better Photomatix, which has made itself the bench mark of HDR software. It has an easy interface that allows you to manipulate the image by tone mapping, histogram and color balance.
    It has limits in the free version.

  • Everything
    is one of the speediest ways of locating a file anywhere on your computer. "Everything" is a free and effective instant file locator. If an image or other file has been mislaid but you can remember at least a part of its filename, then this program will easily find it. Capable of searching one million file names per minute, and using virtually no resources this software is one of the "must have" applications for basic file searches. Note: "Everything" does not search within files - just file names and folder names.
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