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Ausphotography restricts what New Members and Inactive members can do.


Members with zero posts cannot vote on Polls, enter Competitions, or use the Gallery and access to some areas of the site are restricted.
Please post an introduction to open up the site!


Once a Member reaches a post count of 1, many areas of the site open up to them,
but access to the Classifieds area and Gallery are still restricted.

New members can only send PMs to the site administrators/moderators until they reach 5 posts.

When a New Member reaches both 30 days membership and 50 posts, all site areas are then open for participation.


Inactive Member restrictions are currently placed any member who has not posted to the site in 90 days.
They have similar restrictions placed on them as zero post members (above). To re-activate an inactive account,
a member has to start posting again (to the areas they can access).
Restoration of full site access occurs within one hour of the site software registering the posting activity.
Posting to Site Matters, Off-Topic or the Test Zone will NOT re-activate your account.

The 'inactive' trigger is a reducing cycle. The first time it is set to 90 days, if you re-activate your account
after being inactive, and then stop posting to the site again, inactive kicks in at 60 days, and if you re-activate
your account at that time, and stop posting, inactive happens after 30 days.


We restrict access to zero post members to encourage them to participate on the site.
Ausphotography is about sharing ideas/photos and information.
The inability to access Polls protects our competition process from being rigged by people signing up
to vote for a friend etc, rather than be an active photographically interested member.

Private Messages capacity is reduced also until members reach 30 days AND 50 posts on the site.
Members with under 5 posts are only able to send private messages to site administrator and moderators,
they cannot send private messages to other members.
This protects members from Spammers who join to specifically target members with PM Spam.

Restrictions also protect existing members photographs.
If someone is searching the net for a particular photo to 'borrow', they would need to sign up,
and start posting to the site, before they could view members photos.
Most who are looking for a particular photo, would just move on to another site where easier pickings are to be had.

The Ausphotography Rules and access restrictions are there to protect existing members and to
encourage those new members who join to participate rather than just lurk on the site.

Ausphotography is a great place for those ‘new to photography’ through to professional photographers.
We pride ourselves on providing a friendly environment for photographers of all levels and ages.
Please abide by the forum rules at all times:

Ausphotography is provided FREE for members; however, the site does require funds to operate.
These funds are sourced by members using the banner ads on the site to purchase items, and the Ausphotography Shop.
The Shop is accessible by clicking the AP Shop button (located between the advertisers banners at the top of the site,
or directly at
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